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Manufactured from high quality wire, each particle is cut to a length about equal to its diameter. If required, the particles are conditioned (rounded) to remove the sharp corners produced during the cutting process. Strict Quality Control procedures are required to be able to manufacture cut wire shot meeting all common industry specifications as well as many individual customer specifications.

As-cut particles are an effective abrasive due to the sharp edges created in the cutting process. However, as-cut shot is not a desirable shot peening media. The sharp edges, which are potentially damaging to fatigue life, must be removed in a process called "conditioning".

Conditioned Cut Wire (CCW) shot is normally manufactured in two degrees of conditioning - Normal Conditioning which meets the shape requirements of SAE J441 specification, and the more rounded Special Conditioning which meets the requirements of Aerospace specifications such as AMS 2431.

Normal ConditioningSAE J441
Special ConditioningAMS 2431

Depending on application, various hardness ranges are available with cut wire media. Generally, the higher the hardness of the media, the lower the durability. However for shot peening applications, the shot used should be at least as hard as Almen strips or the part being peened, whichever is harder. Common Hardness Ranges in Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shot are: Blasting Applications - HRC 45-50; Shot Peening high strength parts such as carburized gears and springs HRC 55-60; and Shot Peening softer parts - HRC 50-55.

Versatility - One of the most important aspects of cut wire shot is its versatility. Cut Wire Shot can be made from many materials: Stainless Steels (Type 302, Type 304, Type 430 and others), 1070 Carbon steel of various hardness levels, Aluminum, Zinc and Nickel alloys. Size of media is not limited to the standards. Conditioning is offered in Standard degrees: As-cut, Normal and Special. Other degrees of Conditioning are, and can be supplied as well. Hardness ranges other than those discussed above can also be supplied.

Source: Premier Shot Company, Ohio, USA

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